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Erstwhile :: essays research papers

     Confessions of an Erstwhile Child is an exposition which examinations the idea of the family unit. From the outset the creator clarifies the thoughts of Thomas More’s Utopia, however a short time later limits his substance by going into clarifying his considerations on youngsters brought up in useless families. He cunningly shows the peruser part family model’s with current ones, permitting his crowd to settle on the choice for themselves. His tone is a consistent philosophical. The peruser is recounted his discouraging youth experiencing childhood in a broken family, and how it had a significant impact upon his life. The creator utilizes his very own understanding and information to communicate his sentiments on his subject, yet truly doesn’t utilize a lot of deduction to different cases or real proof to back up his contention. All and all, the writer composed a paper which would end up being intriguing and efficient.      In this first section, the creator fights with an accepted way of thinking that youngsters are the â€Å"property† of their folks for a specific measure of time in their lives. The creator builds upon the subject gradually by revealing his concern with the possibility of kids as property, just to bring his own background into tally by clarifying his youthfulness with a broken family. By getting his own encounters, the creator is in some sense considered a power figure on the subject of a child’s existence with a useless family. He contrasts the idea of parental authority and apprenticeship, and he assembles everything by making a viable answer for the issue. His actual proposal sentence is found in the last section where he says, â€Å"We have put very vigorously in the unproved â€Å"equity† called the family unit; that stock is going to crash and we should being discovering escape options† (p 196). By step by step giving the peruser founda tion data on the issues of the cutting edge broken family, and afterward expressing the proposal toward the end, he plainly gets his contention over. The writer plainly shows how his youth affected his adulthood, making in a living case of what he is expounding on permitting the crowd to all the more effectively trust what he is expounding on. Rather than utilizing really proof from other useless family frequencies, the creator chooses to make it increasingly close to home, by utilizing his own life and contrasting family thoughts of the past with the present.

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“Once More to the Lake” by E.B. White Essay

1.In passages two, ten, and twelve of Å"Once More to the Lake,  Whites splendid utilization of similitudes, comparisons, and embodiment represents a clear picture of the speakers interweaving over a wide span of time for the peruser. White beginnings passage ten with a section, Å"Peace and goodness and jollity,  and makes an incredible accentuation on his past and current sentiments. He keeps on representing his past recollections with an exemplification of the vocal faculties as he clarifies the sound of the speedboats; Å"the one-lungers pulsated and shuddered, and the twin-chamber ones murmured and murmured, and that was a peaceful sound too.  He at that point looks at this wonderful memory of the past to his present understanding of the detachable powerboats, and shouts, Å"These engines ¦ whimpered around ones ears like mosquitoes.  This differentiating comparison plots the speakers progress starting with one purpose of time then onto the next inside his figment. He keeps on utilizing a representation to depict the conduct of the old vessels, and clarifies, Å"The pontoon would jump ahead, charging bull-style at the dock.  After a tempest passes, White portrays his child as he is entering the water; Å"As he clasped the swollen belt abruptly my crotch felt the chill of death.  The Å"chill of death  is an illustration for reality White gets himself a piece of, despite the fact that he is encountering the two his over a significant time span. He understands that the existence course that prompts demise begins with birth, and that his children development additionally implies that the finish of White is drawing closer. This, alongside his implication among at various times, permit White to build up his well known fact inside his content. From the start, while his dream from the comparable state of the outside gives the bogus observation that time has not past, his pinpointing of the various personalities of the child and father fills in as declaration that the cycle from birth to death is general. 2.In Å"Once More to the Lake,  White uses obvious words and expressions to set up the dream that is the association among youth and adulthood. In his arrival to the lake, numerous years after his adolescence, White stands up to different changes as he battles with the deception that the tranquil universe of his youth, and his current presence inside it, continue as before. In section one, White portrays the things that help him to remember past recollections with the words, Å"Restlessness of the tides and the frightful cold of the ocean water and the unremitting wind.  These words all have negative connotations, and let the peruser realize that the speakers present encounters make him wish to return Å"to return to old haunts.  These words and their negative meanings are vital to the idea of the hallucination the speaker is depicting. It gives the appearance of why he wants for recollections of his past. White says, while angling with his child; Å"I took a gander at the kid who was quietly watching his fly, and it was my hands that held his bar, my eyes viewing. I felt mixed up and didnt know which bar I was toward the end of.  These obvious words permit White to set up an association among youthful and old, over a wide span of time, at that point and now. These connected thoughts obscure the line among birth and passing, and serve to set up reality that the cycle from creation and mortality is general. 3.White utilizes numerous distinct subtleties all through his story. He makes differentiating images, nearly positioned as a direct opposite, to represent his acknowledgment old enough, and the all inclusiveness of life to death. Taking his child angling is the occasion that persuades him Å"beyond any uncertainty that everything was as it generally had been, that the years were a hallucination and that there had been no years.  A dragonfly that lands on the tip of his children angling pole bar touches off this inclination that the two, both child and father, are a similar person. At the point when he brought down the tip of his bar Å"into the water, likely, contemplatively dislodging the fly, which dashed two feet away, ready, shot two feet back, and stopped again somewhat more distant up the rod,  he affirms that Å"there had been no years between the dodging of this dragonfly and the other one the one that was a piece of memory.  Here, Whites language has bulls-eye accuracy, and the mythical beast fly is changed into a portrayal of the constant pattern of life and demise. The current blending in with his past experience is again approved with subtleties of the lake that Å"had never been what you would call a wild lake.  It is a quiet, peaceful, and limited spot where youth is obvious. Here, the lake speaks to the recognition of ones past. This depiction is appeared differently in relation to the ocean, as it comes directly after the portrayal of the unending waterway. The ocean has the remainder recollections of Å"restlessness of the tides and the dreadful cold of the ocean water and the relentless wind.  The ocean represents the brutality of maturing, while the lake represents the recognition and wellbeing of youth and the past.

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How to Write the Colgate Supplement TKG

How to Write the Colgate Supplement By: Caroline KoppelmanColgate is a top liberal arts school in Hamilton, New York. Every year it gets slightly more competitive and for good reason. This year, Colgate has four supplemental questions:The Mission Statement for Colgate University sets forth 13 Goals for a Colgate Education. One goal for Colgate students is listed as: Be engaged citizens and strive for a just society: embrace the responsibilities to local, national, and global communities; use their influence for the benefit of others. Please describe how you would embrace this goal as a Colgate student.Colgate prides itself in tradition. Please describe a religious, cultural, or family tradition you can share with the Colgate community.  We want to get to know you better. What are three words that your best friend would use to describe you and why?  Colgate’s core curriculum teaches students empathy, informed debate, and critical thinking. Please tell us what book or piece of literature you believe is important for th e entire Colgate Class of 2021 to read. Why?Regardless of which question you choose, you have to realize that your answer must be something that doesn’t appear anywhere else in your application. Like any good essay, it should add another dimension and give the admissions committee a chance to learn something that isn’t captured in the rest of your application. Your application is going to be viewed holistically, which means you shouldn’t mention the same extracurricular, story, or passion more than once. These supplements, in particular, are a good excuse to be creative.  The first supplement requires you to tell a story from your life and relate it to Colgate’s values. Many students look at this question and immediately jump to the last sentence and just start describing how they would theoretically embrace these goals. The key here is to not to simply describe opportunities at Colgate, but rather tell a story about how you have already embraced responsibility in your commu nity or influenced others. Reflect on that experience and why it was positive, and then say how you want to move forward at Colgate. For example, if you work tutoring underprivileged students, talk about that experience and what programs at Colgate would allow you to continue that work.  The second supplement is a great opportunity to relate to the admission committee on a human level. We all have quirky traditions in our communities and homes. Try to avoid Christmas, Thanksgiving, and other big holidays. Instead, tell the story of the weird holiday your family made up, or a tradition you do on every birthday. Allow the admission committee to come into your home and understand your family. This is a chance to showcase your strength as a writer to develop characters and narrative, and create a world for someone in just a couple hundred words.  The third supplement is our personal favorite but many students find it difficult. And we get it, three adjectives are super specific and requ ire a lot of thought and the margin for error is high. Don’t start with the adjectives, and definitely don’t go out of your way to pick the biggest words you know. SAT vocab is off the table. Instead, figure out three stories you want to tell the admission committee that they don’t already know about you. No extra curricular related stories please. These should be little off the cuff stories or anecdotes that seem inconsequential but really say a lot about you. They should exemplify a trait. After you find your three stories you can pull the adjectives from those stories. A nice way to format this is by having each adjective at the end of the story. That way the reader has to read the entire story, creating engagement and showcasing personality. Avoid overused and bland adjectives like nice, entrepreneurial, and determined.  The fourth supplement is a great way to show that you read. We’re not being sarcastic. Many high school students don’t read for fun and it shows in th eir application and their writing. If you’re going to answer this question, proceed with caution. The book you choose can’t be something you would be assigned in an English class or something that evokes childhood nostalgia, and probably shouldn’t be a New York Times bestseller. But, like all supplements, the book isn’t nearly as important as the meaning behind it. You should be writing about a book that represents a passion you have. Maybe you’re a Black Lives Matter activist or a feminist or you’re incredibly passionate about sustainable agriculture. You need to draw out the passion you have when explaining the book. Not only that, you have to explain why you think it’s important the freshman class read it. Don’t think that you need to pick a piece of didactic non-fiction. Fiction can be just as important and educational if you pick the right book.One of the best aspects of the colgate supplement is choice. With this many options you really have the time to relax, consider the questions, and pick the one you have the strongest answer for.

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P.K. Dick’s The Minority Report and Steven Spielberg’s...

P.K. Dick’s The Minority Report and Steven Spielberg’s The Minority Report Death can occur in four ways. A person can die from a physical illness, viruses and infections. A person can die from an accident. A person can commit suicide. Finally a person can be murdered by another person. What if murders could be prevented? In P.K. Dick’s story The Minority Report, and in Spielberg’s film The Minority Report, the future can be altered by using incredible technology. The success of Spielberg’s adaptation of Dick’s short story to film can be determined by the way each was presented. While giving a tour or precrime to Edward Witwer, the main character John Anderton finds the he is supposed to kill a person he never met Leopold†¦show more content†¦The Minority Report by Spielberg is about a one man conspiracy to keep pre crime up and running. In the book by Dick, there is a larger conspiracy to destroy precrime. The final results are opposite as well; in the book precrime was maintained and still operational. In the movie, precrime was shut down and destroyed. The methods of precrime are also different. In the book, there are three precogs which mutter an indecipherable language, which a machine interprets into images of a murder. Then a card comes out of the machine with the name of the killer and name of the victim on it. Spielberg made a more modern method out of this. In the movie, images are taken directly from the three precogs brain and then interpreted by a person who tries to find out the location of the murder. Also there are two woode n balls made, one with the name of the killer and the other with the name of the victim, on them. The movie also goes deeper into the creation of precrime, how crack babies whom had an odd gift/curse of dreaming of murder became used to prevent murder. It also shows why Anderton joined precrime, to make sure no one else would suffer like he did when he lost his son. The precogs in the book and movie are very different. First off their names in the book are Donna, Jerry and Mike. In the movie their names are Agatha, Arthur and Dashiell. The movie also involves the precogs, or at least one of them, more into the story.

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The Dust Bowl Drought Causes,

The Dust Bowl was not only one of the worst droughts in United States history, but is generally thought of as the worst and most prolonged disaster in American history. The effects of the Dust Bowl drought devastated the United States central states region known as the Great Plains (or High Plains). At the same time, the climatic effects all but dried up an already depressed American economy in the 1930s creating millions of dollars in damages. A Region Already Prone to Drought The Plains region of the United States has a semi-arid, or steppe climate. The next driest to desert climates, semi-arid climates receive less than 20 inches (510 mm) of rainfall per year which makes drought a serious weather hazard.   The plains are a broad expanse of flat land positioned to the east of the Rocky Mountains. Air flows down the lee slope of the mountains, then warms and rushes out across the flat land. Although there are periods of average or above average rainfall, they alternate with periods of below average rainfall, creating episodic, recurrent drought.   The Rain Follows the Plow Known as the Great American Desert to early European and American explorers, the Great Plains was first thought to be unsuitable for pioneer settlement and agriculture thanks to the lack of surface water.   Unfortunately, an unusually wet period in the second half of the 19th century gave rise to the pseudoscience theory that establishing farming would bring about a permanent increase in rainfall. Some researchers promoted dryland farming, such as the Campbell method, which combined subsurface packing–the creation of a hard layer about 4 inches below the surface—and soil mulch–a layer of loose soil at the surface.   Farmers began using the Campbell method to conduct large scale farming in the 1910s and 1920s, while the climate was somewhat wetter. When the drought hit in the late 20s, though, the farmers didnt have enough experience to have learned what the best tillage practices and equipment would be best for the steppe lands.   Heavy Debt Load   In the late 1910s, prices for wheat, the main Dust Bowl crop, were quite high due to demands for feeding people during World War I. Farmers used emerging tractor technologies to work the land and although tractors lowered labor costs and allowed the farmers to work larger acreages of land, the higher capital costs required for tractors resulted in mortgages on farms. The Federal government became involved in farm credit during the 1910s, making mortgages easier to obtain.   But in the 1920s, crop prices dropped as production increased, and reached minimum levels after the crash of the economy in 1929. Low crop prices were paired with poor harvests due to the drought but exacerbated by infestations of rabbits and grasshoppers.  When all those conditions came together, many farmers had no choice but to declare bankruptcy. Drought   A research study in 2004 by NASA senior research scientist Siegfried Schubert and colleagues found that precipitation in the Great Plains is sensitive to global sea surface temperatures (SSTs) which varied at the time. American research meteorologist Martin Hoerling and colleagues at NOAA suggest instead that the main reason for the drop in rainfall for the region between 1932 and 1939 was triggered by random atmospheric variability. But whatever the cause of the drought, the ending of the wetter period in the plains between 1930 and 1940 couldnt have come at a worse time.   The prolonged drought was made much worse by a fundamental misunderstanding of high plains environment, and the utilization of methods which called for a thin layer of dust to be purposefully exposed on the surface for large parts of the summer. Dust transmits influenza virus and measles and combined with the economic depression, the Dust Bowl period brought a  significant increase in the number of measles cases, respiratory disorders and increased infant and overall mortality in the plains.   Sources and Further Reading   Alexander, Robert, Connie Nugent, and Kenneth Nugent. The Dust Bowl in the Us: An Analysis Based on Current Environmental and Clinical Studies. The American Journal of the Medical Sciences 356.2 (2018): 90–96. Print.Hansen, Zeynep K., and Gary D. Libecap. Small Farms, Externalities, and the Dust Bowl of the 1930s. Journal of Political Economy 112.3 (2004): 665–94. Print.Hoerling, Martin, Xiao-Wei Quan, and Jon Eischeid. Distinct Causes for Two Principal U.S. Droughts of the 20th Century. Geophysical Research Letters 36.19 (2009). Print.Kite, Steven, Shelly Lemons, and Jennifer Paustenbaugh. Dust, Drought, and Dreams Gone Dry Oral History Project. Edmon Low Library, Oklahoma State University,  Lee, Jeffrey A., and Thomas E. Gill. Multiple Causes of Wind Erosion in the Dust Bowl. Aeolian Research 19 (2015): 15–36. Print.Schubert, Siegfried D., et al. On the Cause of the 1930s Dust Bowl. Science 303.5665 (2004): 1855–59. Print.

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Big Brothers Essay - 943 Words

Becoming a mentor can have a tremendous impact on the life of a youngster. Children need someone to look up to that doesn’t necessarily need be a part of their immediate family. Sometimes they have no siblings, or maybe their siblings or parents are busy. Perhaps they have no grandparents to do things with. These children are the ones that spend their afternoons in crowded after school programs where they may not get the attention the crave. This may lead to isolation and oppositely over hyperactive children starved for attention. In other cases, some children who are not so fortunate as to be offered after-school programs are subject to the world outside all on their own. In too many cases, these are the children that become statistics.†¦show more content†¦No matter how trivial the obstacle, children should not have to live in fear or feel as if they are alone and have no one to talk to. This happens in too many instances, and just a simple friend could have made al l the difference. Though juvenile crimes are not on the rise, according to the National Center for Juvenile Justice, 18% of all arrests in the US are youths under the age of 18. Most of these crimes include rape, robbery, and aggravated assault. Students ages 12–18 were victims of an estimated 2.1 million in-school thefts in 1996—62% of all crimes in school. Students ages 12–18 were victims of an estimated 1.6 million thefts away from school in 1996—53% of all crimes against students away from school. Even if crime isn’t on the rise with school-aged children, problems do exist. These are problems that will not go away by themselves and all the metal detectors and safety measures will not keep kids safe outside of school. It is easy to say that the kids are misunderstood. Just a satisfying excuse to the behaviors of troubled kids. It doesn’t have to be that way. Directly quoted from the big brother/big sister web site is the following mission statement: Big Brothers Big Sisters of America have matched millions of children in need with caring adult mentors since 1904. Research shows that children with Big Brothers and Big Sisters are less likely to use drugs and alcohol, skip school, andShow MoreRelatedCultural And Artistic Values And The Success Of Big Brother2750 Words   |  11 Pagessuccess of Big Brother By Hasanein K Amori Big Brother is an example of a distinctive game doc that caused a transitional stage to traditional documentary and reality genre. Therefore, this essay will delve into its artistic and cultural value that award the show this distinction. The work will approach different dimensions evaluating the programme through a hierarchy of concepts. It will first approach the base of the hierarchy and explain reality Tv genre as a covering topic that Big BrotherRead MoreTexas Big Brothers Big Sisters1767 Words   |  8 PagesKansas Big Brothers Big Sisters has many strengths within this large, long-standing organization. For example, due to the longevity of the organization, the many processes that have been put in place for the safety and satisfaction of the child at Kansas Big Brothers Big Sisters provide extremely good customer service and a customer centric value that is a necessity in the world of non-profits. Another benefit is that Kansas Big Brothers Big Sisters is the second lar gest subsidiary of the nationalRead MoreTaking a Look at the Big Brothers Big Sisters Organization1338 Words   |  5 PagesBig brothers Big sisters is a nonprofit organization that helps children that are in need and children that may in the future want to do illegal drugs. Big Brothers Big Sisters helps at-risk children beat the odds. Through the generosity of a variety of funding sources including individual donors, corporations, governmental entities, and foundations we have the resources necessary to carry out our mission, which includes conducting background checks on volunteers to ensure child safety. Donor supportRead MoreBig Brothers Big Sisters Of America Impact On Organizational Changes Essay1632 Words   |  7 Pages Big Brothers Big Sisters of America Impact of Organizational Changes n Team Members Leaders are the central figures in a team, and they are attributed to the largest share of blame or praise depending on the performance. New leaders in an organization are faced with many challenges on how to start making an impact and successfully lead the subordinates on the set mission. According to Kangas (2013), the key element for a new leader is to establish interpersonal links and relationships that are necessaryRead MoreThe Big Brothers Big Sisters Essay1427 Words   |  6 Pageshave chosen to address the Big Brothers Big Sisters program and how it coincides with Travis Hirschi’s Social Control Theory. Based on the elements in Hirschi’s Social Control Theory I will discuss how the Big Brothers Big Sisters program is beneficial in deterring the youths of today from participating in deviant behavior and becoming the criminals of tomorrow. To better the comprehension of their coexistence, I will first discuss the elements of the Big Brothers Big Sisters program a nd the SocialRead MoreThe, Big Brother Is Watching1274 Words   |  6 PagesThe lighthearted phrase, â€Å"Big brother is watching† from 1984, is well known amongst most culturally educated adults and teens, but as I’ve become more aware of the joke, more and more people treat the phrase as less of a joke and more of a common unspoken rule. The NSA was discovered in 2013 to be tapping into private phone calls and emails from citizens. Social media sites update their privacy policies regularly, granting themselves more and more rights to the information I presume to be be personalRead MoreThe Reality Of Reality Television Essay1287 Words   |  6 Pagesgenres broadcasted to the general public. Reality television has become more about mindless watching and creating the most unrealistic environment possible, rather than creating a show for an important purpose. Today, shows like Beauty and the Geek, Big Brother, and every other reality show fit into this mold, but when viewed critically lessons appear. In the case of TV today, reality shows depict an altered reality because of the unrealistic situations this genre presents. Firstly, Beauty and the GeekRead MoreEssay on Watchful Government in George Orwells 1984914 Words   |  4 Pagesthe poster with the enormous face gazed from the wall. It was one of those pictures which are so contrived that the eyes follow you about when you move. BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU, the caption beneath it ran (Orwell, 3). The possibly of a leader such as Big Brother is very scary. Just after this excerpt the reader realizes what big brother really means. It means that a resident of this place will always be watched, night and day, and can be brought up on just about anything. No one wantsRead MoreEssay on Argument Against Reality Television852 Words   |  4 PagesTelevision reflect appallingly on our media culture, but it corrupts the mind of youngsters, giving them twisted views on society. What person are you becoming if you are sitting there daydreaming about who is going to be evicted from Big Brother? Well, youre the one the needs a snap back to realityà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦ One of the attractions of reality television is the supposed reality of it - unscripted and unplanned situations and reactions. One of the ethical problems of realityRead MoreWhat Is A Voyeur? Essay1583 Words   |  7 Pagesreality television shows. While flipping through the channels, you can’t help but take notice of all the reality shows you have access to at the touch of a button. With the rising popularity of movie’s and reality shows like The Kardashians, Big Brother and The Truman Show, these shows accommodate television viewers of their voyeuristic needs. Clay Calvert introduces to us the term mediated voyeurism which describes the consumption of reality shows and the images that they expose for the purpose

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Do Hackers Perform A Service Essay Research free essay sample

Do Hackers Perform A Service Essay, Research Paper David Danforth Seminar paper 02/16/01 Do # 8216 ; Hackers # 8217 ; Provide a service or are they Criminals? Today the media paint a assorted image for the public refering the function hacker # 8217 ; s drama in our society. On the one manus they praise the accomplishment hackers display when interrupting into secure webs and bringing mayhem with cagey viruses. At the same clip they dramatize the amendss and criminalize the activities. The culprits are painted out to be terrorists. This assorted message begs the inquiry as to whether or non we should see hackers as felons or thank them for indicating out security jobs in sensitive webs. If we as the general populace were incognizant of the hazards associated with utilizing the Internet to make concern or present personal information and hacker activities exposed us to this cognition we might see them as holding helped us. We so would be more careful to protect ourselves. We will write a custom essay sample on Do Hackers Perform A Service Essay Research or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page If hackers showed system decision makers weaknesses they were incognizant of in their web security without damaging the web they might so be viewed as a possible approval. The world is nevertheless that the populace is cognizant of the hazards they are exposed to on the Internet and the computing machine industry is cognizant of the demand for and failings of security steps in networking already. Hence, no value is generated from hackers taking advantage of the known defects in order to play a game of cat and mouse with other peoples belongings. Furthermore since virus-scanning package is expensive and widely used hackers are bing the public minute Ney and resources to protect themselves from their onslaughts. There are Torahs in every province that reference hacker activities either straight or as an extension of bing Torahs. These Torahs set reasonably clear guidelines on what is considered legal and non legal to make within the kingdom of computing machine usage. If a individual violates these Torahs so they have committed a offense. If you or I break into a house or concern and destroy belongings we will anticipate to be held accountable. Hackers are no different are should anticipate the same intervention. If I break into a house and watch the proprietors Television or read their personal files I have trespassed and violated the jurisprudence the same is true for a hacker who breaks into a computing machine web and accessed confidential information. The Federal Government has Torahs refering computing machine usage ; privateness of information, trespass and belongings rights that besides apply to the typical activities carried on by the mean hacker. Clearly it is a offense to prosecute in or prosecute any activities in misdemeanor of these Torahs. The decision we should all come to is that hackers are felons by definition of their activities and should non be glamorized by the media. We do non praise bank robbers or burglars for short-circuiting the security of our place or nest eggs and loan. A clever or originative felon can non be excused of his or her offenses. If we continue to make this we encourage them to go on and set ourselves at hazard. Furthermore they need to anticipate to pay the effects for their actions. We will all profit by clearly understanding that a hacker is a condemnable and non to be praised or admired by our kids or us.